Uriach: the new pole of Italian Nutraceuticals

Laborest® brand was born in 1991 and bases the success of its products on three fundamental pillars: Research, Innovation and Quality.

In 2015, Laborest® joined Uriach international pharmaceutical group, which in 2018 acquired two other product lines in Italy: AR Fitofarma and Progine Farmaceutici. Starting from September 1st 2019, Laborest, AR Fitofarma and Progine, have merged giving life to a new company: Uriach Italy Srl.

Uriach, with the Laborest® brand, which now also includes all the products coming from AR Fitofarma and Progine, is now one of the main players in the Italian market of Nutraceuticals, namely “the study that examines the components or active ingredients in food that have beneficial effects on health and on the prevention and treatment of diseases” (op. cit. De Felice, 1989).