Infections of the respiratory tract are typical of autumn and winter and are usually caused by viruses. Only in a few instances, these diseases are due to bacterial species. Viral infections stimulate the immune system that manages to fight germs in a 2-3 day period. An alert and efficient immune system is the first defense of your organism during the cold periods of the year.


   120 ml Bottle

Active Principles

Dietary supplement of Imunoglukan® (beta-1,3-1,6-D-glucane) and Vitamin C.

Ingredients description

Imunoglukan® (beta-1,3-1-6-D-glucan) is a natural substance of vegetable origin and it belongs to the Pleuran family. Pleuran is obtained through a patented technology capable of isolating this structure from a fungus called Pleurotus Ostreatus. Your enzymes cannot metabolize Imunoglukan® and so, after taking it, it remains unabsorbed in your intestine. As it passes the intestinal lumen, your immune system identifies it as a non-self -molecule alerting it to fight possible viruses.
This allows TROCÀ FLU® Imunoglukan P4H® to be a safe product free of any side effects.

Vitamin C aids the natural defenses of your organism.

Recommendations for use

Take daily 1ml of product for every 5 kg of your bodyweight for at least 2-3 months. We recommend taking it in the evening before going to sleep or on an empty stomach in the morning.
You can double the dosage if your immune system is particularly weak.
Suitable for individuals who are intolerant or sensitive to gluten and lactose.